Our Energy

ALL of our electricty supply is from 100% renewable sources including Hydro, Wind and Solar power. Electricity is our only energy source and we always switch off lights, computers and tools when not in use.

Responsible Suppliers

We ensure that we only purchase from ethical UK companies and each is vetted for their exemplary eco-policies and their recognition of a need to make a change. Our cardstock supplier is FSC certified, meaning all card used is sourced from sustainably managed forests and our book boards are 100% recycled.


We lovingly hand-wrap our books in 100% recycled tissue paper and securely package them with re-purposed cardboard, eco-tapes or plant-based tapes and recyclable, all paper padded envelopes. Our post office is less than 2 miles away and we limit our trips to 2 or 3 a week and cycle or walk when we can.